Saturday, January 28, 2012

Omar's Pizza

We've cut WAY back on the amount we eat out lately, but yesterday was payday and decided that pizza would be the perfect way to end a really long day.

We hit up Omar's in St. Ann.

Omar's is a tiny little restaurant in a building that use to be a car stereo store (streetview on Google still shows the old place!)  It's definitely one of our favorites in our immediate area.  Omar's serves Italian and Mediterranean food.  It's a really great place to take people if you aren't really sure what they like because you can get your standard pasta dishes, but also some really great Greek and Middle Eastern food too.
We decided to do a takeout pizza, and got the Greek Lamb pizza, with beef shawarma instead of lamb.  Shawarma is a lot like gyro meat, except thin shavings are put on the spit instead of pressed meat.  It's then roasted for several hours.  It's amazing.
So this beefy goodness was put on a New York style crust with a sweet tomatoey marinara sauce and sweet onions and tart pepperoncini's.  Usually, I'm not a big fan of pepperoncini's, but with this combo, their tartness balanced everything out with a gentle bite.  Then the pizza was topped with mozzerella and feta cheese.
Look at all that cheese! It was so amazing!

In other really great Omar's news, I found out while I was there that they're going to start doing breakfast on February 1.  They'll be doing traditional breakfast stuff and adding in a few  Mediterranean  treats.  I can't wait! We don't have a lot of great breakfast places close that aren't IHOP or Denny's, so somewhere local and consistently good for those lazy Sunday mornings is going to be great!

What's your favorite local spot?

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